The problem

Portugal is one of the European countries most vulnerable to climate change and Alentejo is one of the most affected regions of the country. Worrying is the accentuation of the magnitude, frequency and duration of heat waves. Exposure to hot flashes can lead to dehydration, aggravation of chronic illnesses, exhaustion or heat stroke, which can result in irreversible damage to health. Urban areas are particularly prone to risk due to the “heat island” effect.

The solution

Given that a level of climate warming is irreversible on a historical time scale and that the magnitude of climate risks can be mitigated through the implementation of adequate urban and architectural measures, Além Risco proposes to develop a set of structural actions that enhance the minimization of the effects of heat waves in populations living in urban agglomerations of Central Alentejo.

Working with nature

Além Risco will develop new concepts for the planning and management of green spaces and will mobilize the planting of 50,000 trees in urban agglomerations in Central Alentejo. It is intended, therefore, to contribute to reduce the “heat island” effect on public health. Each green space will be identified as a living laboratory, with its co-promoters and local guardians. They will be eco-efficient spaces that are resilient to the Alentejo’s climatic conditions and will preferentially use native species.


Help us to make Alentejo more resilient to climate change.